Pop Rocks adsWedding “The band was thrilling beyond our wildest dreams. We’ve been to countless weddings, but Pop Rocks made our night with a perfect performance!”

Remember the movie The Wedding Singer? Yeah. We loved it too — but here’s the thing: Pop Rocks is the antithesis of those typical corny wedding bands.  Pop Rocks is modern, hip and delivers the goods on your big day. 

Pop Rocks delivers the hits you want to hear at your wedding with the style, verve and swagger you’d get from the best original acts in a big city nightclubs. The show is tight, the musicianship is spot-on and the energy is boundless. We make sure each of you guests walks aways with a giant smile on their faces — blown away by the spirit of the show we deliver.

That is why many top wedding planners, in-demand wedding locations and event professionals come to us as the go-to band for their most important clients’ weddings (and we thank them for trusting us!). Take a look at our review page for feedback from happy clients or go to our agency’s Yelp page and search Pop Rocks for loads of great reviews.

Here’s a brief clip showing what Pop Rocks looks like a wedding. Take a look and enjoy!


 Wedding FAQ

What does it cost for Pop Rocks to perform at a wedding
Good question. Pricing depends on a few variables including city, state, date and specific location. Shoot us some details for a fast quote here.

PRWill Pop Rocks travel to Bali / Hawaii / Bora Bora for my luxury destination wedding?
Um. You bet!

How many band members are in Pop Rocks.
The band is scalable from their core 6 members to 10 members. The core 6 are: 2 lead vocalists (male and female), keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. All 6 members sing! We can also add (an amazing) 3 piece horn section (see video here) and incredible percussion player when requested.

Is this a real band or hired guns?
We are indeed a real band, based on friendship, partnership and enthusiasm to win over every audience. We are *not* a set of hired guns, nor do we have multiple versions of the band out playing on the same night (watch out for this!). We play because we love each other, love music and take pride in the integrity of our show. From our management team to our sound crew to the band, we are family.

Where is Pop Rocks based?
We are from San Francisco and play all over the Northern California and the greater Bay Area: Napa and Sonoma, Sacramento area, Tahoe, Sllicon Valley, etc. We also travel frequently out of state and out of the country. #RoadTrip!

Pop Rocks + horns!How long will Pop Rocks play?
The band can play for up to 180 minutes of live music, which can be divided up however is best suited for the event ( 4 45 min, 3 60 min or 2 90 min sets). Our *recommended* set is one high energy non-stop 2 hour show, but each wedding has different needs.  Since we come with the crew and full sound system, which must be set up and operational prior to your guests arrival, we can keep the perfect iPod playlist going before and in between the bands sets to fill the night with music (in the room where the sound system is set up.). Easy peasy.

Can Pop Rocks do ceremony music or cocktail / dinner music?
I’m so glad you asked. Our guitarist / vocalist Clay Bell. He performs sets solo, as a duo or trio as ‘Bell & Co” and is the perfect, elegant compliment to Pop Rocks for cocktail hour or dinner. Take a look at his video, extensive song list and information here. We often work with wedding couples to provide an entire music program for their wedding.

14486422368_7c2f3860cd_oWill the band learn ________ by _____  since its our favorite song?
Of course, we are happy to explore some special requests for your big day. What do you have in mind? We’ve got a really deep song list that you can look at here. Bonus points for requesting ‘Africa’ from Toto.

JaqueWe want both female and male lead vocals. Can you do that?
You bet we can! In fact, we just added our  fabulous female vocalist Jaque Lynn to the band. We are thrilled to have her on board rocking the Taylor Swift, Madonna and Guns N Roses (oh yeah, she is amazing).  Take a look at an introductory video on her here

Can we review the song list with the band?
Absolutely. We work with you to determine what you really want to hear at your wedding (read: Uptown Funk) and what you really don’t want to hear (read: Baby’s Got Back). We can lean towards your favorite songs from a certain decade (hello, 80s) or keep it current with new hits — but usually we like to span a few decades of amazing songs. We coordinate with you carefully on these sort of details to deliver the ideal show for you and your guests.

Does the band play any ‘classic’ weddings songs?
Although our primary directive is to keep people on the dance floor with current hits and 70s / 90s pop + rock tunes, we do have a great body of slower songs for first dances, father / daughter dances and other moments where it would be appropriate to play some slow tunes.

Mark TwainA few of our favorites for this: “Lucky” by Jason Mraz, “All of Me” by John Legend, “Father & Daughter” by Paul Simon, “At Last” by Etta James, “Wonderful World”  by Louis Armstrong or any of the many Van Morrison songs we know and love.  Do take a look at our complete song list here.

What will the band wear?
What *won’t* we wear! We have some pretty amazing outfits, from sharp classic tailored suits to various colorful suits. Take a look at some of the bands outfits here.

This all sounds great, but what are the hidden fees / costs?
There are no additional fees. Our pricing is inclusive of everything: band + sound system + stage lighting + sound crew + travel fees. We just need access to power, a surface to play on and a crowd ready to party (oh, and please feed and water the band). We’ve got the rest covered!

Im sold! How can I get ahold of you! 
 us via e-mail or phone 415-447-4730 today.