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“Review for POP ROCKS!  There are not words to describe how amazing these guys are.  Pop Rocks recently played at our wedding in December at the Bently Reserve.  Our journey with pop rocks started many months ago going and listening to different bands for our wedding, and since then we have become groupies and have seen as many shows as we can from Red Devil to Dans Bar to the Brit.  They bring as much energy as they can to Dans and the Brit, but the Red Devil is the best place to see them (well except for at the Bently!)  We had a wedding planner so I do not know the logistics and the workings of booking and how easy they are to work with.  But on the day of they were absolutely amazing!  I had nightmares about the dance floor being empty and everyone just staring at each other, as we had a very diverse crowd ranging for 6 months to 70 years…and EVERYONE was out on the dance floor…all night long…it could not have gone any better.  We also had a DJ play when the band took breaks, if this is in your budget I would highly recommend to keep the party going!  Do not hesitate in booking these guys, they play everything!  They learned a coldplay song for our first dance and recorded it for us (a couple of times a couple of different ways) so we could practice with it…it was beyond perfect!  People are still talking about the band, and they will keep talking about it for years to come!” – Jessica G, Bride