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“My boyfriend (now husband) and I have always loved Pop Rocks and since we live on Polk Street, we go to their shows at the Red Devil Lounge every opportunity we get. We just love their energy, sound, costumes, vast array of songs they play –  everything about them is awesome. We get so excited everytime we see them play: I turn into giddy schoolgirl when I get pulled on stage to sing and dance with them and my husband has a secret man-crush on them. Yes we’re groupies, so much so, that we vowed to have them play at our wedding if the day ever came.

Fast forward to September 12th when they played at our (second) wedding in South Lake Tahoe! It was totally out of a fairy-tale – a venue right on the lake, with our friends, family, gorgeous weather and POP ROCKS, our favorite local cover band!! it was hands down the best day of our lives. They were incredibly easy and fun to work with (thanks Kalie!) and just rocked the place. My brother, who does NOT dance at all, was seen getting down on multiple occassions. Older relatives were shaking their asses and having the time of their lives. They cater to all types of crowds and happily played some slower songs for our older relatives. It was a sight – all thanks to this incredible band! Our friends all said it was one of the best weddings they had ever been to. Simply put, Pop Rocks made our wedding great and we gladly shared the limelight with them 🙂

We would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to have a kick-ass wedding or private event. Prices are reasonable and they are flexible about location, dates, etc. More over, they are really nice guys and fun to hang out with.

We’re looking forward to seeing them play again soon. Thank you Pop Rocks, you guys are AWESOME (in case you couldn’t tell by my glowing review)!” – Sadia J, Bride