10409650_878188008881061_4212566955992435237_nPop Rocks puts on an exceptional show for any special event, but sometimes we like to wow our guests with some extra star power. Here’s where “Pop Rocks +” comes in to play: Through our management team, we have worked with various celebrities to join the band for private parties, and it always thrills the audience.

1459113_878188012214394_8158427290004429718_nImagine surprising the guests at your special event by bringing out the original stars / lead singers of legendary bands, to join us on stage to perform their hits. Whether its a rock icon like Bret Michaels, a cameo from a pop star like Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray or a special appearance from hip-hop legends like Tone LocSugar Hill Gang or Coolio, we’ve be happy to thrill audiences around the country with this special addition to our show. Take a look at the video below to get a little taste of Pop Rocks+, rocking an audience at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

This concept is fully customizable and scalable as per who you wish to add to the band (and your budget). Pop Rocks+ has received rave reviews from the clients and guests who have experienced it, and is one of the most high impact ways to make your event a one-of-a-kind experience for all your guests. Who is your dream team for Pop Rocks+? Who is your favorite artist that you’d love to have at your event? We have the experience and contacts to make this happen, and have done so consistently for our creative clients!

Contact us today to discuss putting together a dream show with Pop Rocks+ where we curate and book a celebrity filled show for your special event.